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                   Horse Sculptures

           Beautiful horse sculptures and ornaments

     A selection of beautiful horse sculptures, carefully hand-picked by us.


    'The Jockey' - After Pierre Jules Mene (very large)

'The Jockey' - Pierre Jules Mene


After Pierre Jules Mene (1810 – 1879) – A large floor standing bronze 20th century re-cast of the original by Mene, some 103 cm high.


This is a sculpture of a race horse and jockey at a slow trot, being raised on a large naturalistic plinth base which bears the inscription of the artist, Pierre Jules Mene.


The attention to detail is fantastic, showing the muscle tones in the horse and raised veins after exertion, his trot is perfectly captured with two legs off the base. The jockey is rich in detail too, holding the reins which are complete and attached ( whereas most on these style of sculptures are either broken or detached)  There is no damage to this

piece and he has been well cared for throughout his life.



Measures approx 103cm high x 110cm in length x 38cm wide, and will be a real statement piece in your home.


Provenance; originally consigned from Tredean House :  Tredean House, Devauden, Monmouthshire is a country house dating from 1901-02. It was designed in an Arts and Crafts style by the architect Arthur Jessop Hardwick.


A self-taught artist, Piere-Jules Mêne (1810-1879) dedicated his entire career to making bronze statues, which were met with great success among both French and international clients. His talent as an animalier sculptor was revealed in 1835 with his work, Chèvre jambe levèe (Goat with a Leg Up), and soon he was chiselling and preparing animal bronzes depicting the live animals he sketched at the menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes, at the horse market or at the abattoirs of Montmartre. From 1838-1879, Mêne exhibited at the Salon, a prestigious show for artists. Within no time, Mêne took full advantage of animal fashion in sculpture, exclusively dedicating his work to the animal world. His link to the Barbizon school allowed him to watch and study horses, stags and dogs in the Fountainebleau region near Paris. In 1853, Mêne obtained a first class medal for his work. But it wasn’t until 1862 that he was appointed Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur during the Universal Exhibition in London. In 1869, Napoléon III purchased the wax sculpture Mounted Huntsman Leading His Hounds, and the third French Republic subsequently bought the matching bronze in 1872. Mêne died in Paris in 1879 at the age of sixty-nine. 



    'The Carousel Horse'

'The Carousel Horse' -  Metal bronzed sculpture


This unusual suspended metal bronzed sculpture is mounted on a wooden base.


Length  50cm

Height  91cm

Width   16.5cm



    'The Arab Sculpture' - Stevenson Bros 2011

'The Arab Sculpture' - Stevenson Bros 2011


This absolutely stunning sculpture was made by Stevenson Bros in 2011, in collaboration with equine sculptor Judy Boyt.


This running Arab is carved in oak and mounted on an oak plinth, with a natural finish and is in immaculate condition. It is very large and heavy!


It is signed by Stevenson's under the belly and dated 2011.


Length  55"

Height  34"


This retails new at just under £13,000



Very Large Wooden Carved Mare & Stallion Sculpture

'Mare & Stallion' - 5 feet tall, carved hardwood sculpture


An intricately carved very impressive extra large wooden sculpture, this stands 5 feet tall!  No attention to details spared, these horses have carved veins and even the underside of the hooves are carved. This is a one-off real statement piece which is extremely heavy! Solid wood, sourced from Ireland, this would make a beautiful centerpiece or a great gift for any special horse lover.


Height 152cm

Width    50cm

Length   91cm




  Black Leather Covered Rearing Horse- very large

'Black Rearing Leather Covered Horse'   *SOLD*


An impressive large black leather covered rearing horse figure, this would make a beautiful centerpiece or a great gift for any horse lover.




79 cm to top of ears 

59 cm from tail to front leg



Mare & Foal

'Mare & Foal' - *SOLD*


A delightful antique brass effect sculpture of a mare and her foal. Very detailed and extremely heavy, a really substantial sculpture.


Would make a beautiful centerpiece or a great gift for any horse lover.


Measurements are:


50 cm to the top of the ears on the mare

62 cm long

30 cm wide 



Fighting Stallions

'Fighting Stallions'


An antique brass effect sculpture of two stallions rearing. Lots of character and detail, also really heavy.


Will make a beautiful centerpiece or a great gift for any horse lover.


Measurements are:


45 cm high

35 cm long

25 cm wide



Antique Copper Effect Large Rearing Horse

Copper effect large rearing horse


A beautiful large antique copper effect single rearing horse figure.




65 cm to tip of nose

28 cm diameter base

50 cm from tail to front leg


A wonderful gift for any horse lover and would look great on any windowsill or coffee table as a centrepiece. Sadly has a very minor repair to one front leg but almost invisible – the photos do show it but we feel you need to know before purchase. 



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