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Are you looking for a unique gift for that special person?  


Whether it be for a child to treasure and play on or as a beautiful piece of furniture, all our horses are extra special and have been restored (if necessary) with the utmost care and attention to detail. We have a variety of horses to suit all pockets, with prices starting at just £345 and each is unique and characterful.


Every horse is solid and fully rideable, although please expect the odd minor age-related characteristic as most of our horses are vintage and have been enjoyed throughout many years!

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F H Ayres Rocking Horse, circa 1900

Augustus is a very large F H Ayres, a rarity with a number 6 carved on his forehead, this dates him to pre-1900 and is thought to be linked to productivity, the number 6 was applied to some large horses. His stand has the remnants of a stencil 'patented 1880'.


His original paint was sadly unable to be saved and he has had a full professional restore to his original design, however retaining his aged look and character. He even has the pommel on his saddle which would have been used for young ladies to ride side saddle many years ago.


We have before and after photos which we are happy to pass onto his new owners. Please note the photo of his forehead is prior to restoration. His browband now mostly covers the carving.


Augustus is a special and stunning horse with great presence and beauty and would make a wonderful focal point to any room. He is also fit and ready to ride.


His measurements are:

Height     134cm

Length     159cm

Width        45cm





Harrods 1988


'Melody' is a beautiful waxed wooden rocking horse on a bow. She was purchased from Harrod's of London in 1988.
She has a cream horsehair mane and tail and we have given her brand new top quality removable leather tack. She is a lovely shape and we especially love her kind eyes and delicately carved face.
Her measurements are:-
Height     99cm
Length   156cm
Width       37cm
Melody is fit and ready to ride, although she would also look stunning as a piece of fine furniture to be admired and as an heirloom to pass along the generations.


Wilson Silver Cross, Circa 1910


'Jacob' is a very rare small Wilson Silver Cross rocking horse, circa 1910, in mostly original condition. Our professional restorer has performed minimal work on him, he has cleaned him, patched up his saddle flaps, stabilised his paintwork, dissembled and reassembled his stand to make sure it is nice and solid and given him some new hair.


Jacob had resided with his previous family for over 100 years.


He is a beautiful old antique horse and if you are looking for something unique and rare then Jacob is the horse for you!


His measurements are:


Height    91cm

Length  110cm

Width    40cm




Bracken is an early 20th century unpainted wooden rocking horse on a safety stand. He is mostly original, we have given him a top quality removable leather bridle and new hair and eyes, but the rest is original. He has been given some TLC and his stand has been revarnished. He has some very minor scuffs in keeping with his age.


Bracken is a good sized horse and very solid and would be equally suitable for a child to ride or as a piece of fine furniture.


His measurements are:


Height   119cm

Length  150cm

Width    52cm





'Andorra' is our own large palomino 'Elite Rocking Horse', she has a flowing cream horsehair mane and tail and top quality removable leather tack in tan colour, with brass fittings. She is made of solid ash and is very heavy!


Although Andorra is a new horse she has been stored, however she is in perfect condition and has no blemishes.



Her measurements are:-


Height   120  cm

Length  148 cm

Width     50  cm




'Spirit' is a medium sized Haddon rocking horse mounted on a safety stand, circa late 1980's. She is a fibreglass horse so you won't get any 'cracks' caused by movement of the blocks over time as you would with a wooden horse so she will look pristine for longer. She has just had a complete restore with new paint, horsehair mane and tail and top quality leather removable tack.


She is fit and raring to go rocking!


Her dimensions are:-


Height 104cm

Length 132cm

Width 46cm





Baby Carriages 'Rambler' Rocking Horse, circa 1935.
'Molly' is a delightful, nursery-sized rocking horse mounted on a safety stand. She has been recently lightly preserved by a professional restorer, she has had new aged stirrup leathers and stirrups and some nice new cows hair for her mane and tail, as originally fitted. Her stand has had a little work as it had some woodworm to the base, however the posts are original as is her paintwork and tack. Her saddle cloth is very delicate and does show its age, with some slight damage, however to a collector or as an investment piece this is best preserved rather than replaced with new.  Molly has glass eyes and is a perfect example of this make of horse.
A delight to have in the home, we would suggest due to the delicate nature of the saddle cloth and its investment value, this horse would be best preserved as a fine piece of furniture rather than a ridden horse. The horse however is solid and fully fit for riding.
Her measurements are:
Height:   87cm
Width:    41cm
Length: 110cm


Bella is an medium sized F H Ayres rocking horse on a safety stand, circa 1930. She has been professionally restored by Stevenson however retains an appropriate aged look. She has lovely soft silky horsehair mane and tail and glass eyes.


Her measurements are:


Length  112 cm

Height    98 cm

Width     38 cm




Ace is a stunning, medium sized Haddon fibreglass rocking horse mounted on a safety stand, circa 1980. He has been completely refurbished, having had a full repaint, new horse hair mane and tail and new top quality leather tack. His stand has been sanded and re-varnished in a walnut satin finish.


His measurements are:-


Height 106cm

Length 137cm

Width 45cm


Ace has been in the same family for the last 40 years. He was ridden by many schoolchildren in the family's bookstore where he lived until he was taken home for the grandchildren to ride.




Gulliver is a Lines Bros Sportiboy SP2 circa 1925. He has been recently fully professionally restored by David Vine and will look good for many years to come.


His measurements are:


Length  112 cm

Height    96 cm

Width     38 cm




'Blanche' is a small dapple grey Lines Bros Sportiboy SP1 rocking horse, circa 1920. She has been recently fully professionally restored by David Vine and so will look great for many years to come.


Her measurements are:


Length 90 cm

Height 85 cm

Width  35 cm


Blanche is a stunning horse and would look truly magnificent as the centrepiece of a sitting room or hallway, equally she is fit and ready to ride.




Grace' is a light dapple grey F H Ayres extra carved rocking horse on a safety stand, circa 1910. We have tried to retain her originality and character as much as possible whilst giving her a new lease of life.


Grace has had new tack, made from top quality English Sedgewick leather, which consistes of fixed bridle, saddle and martingale, decorated with new red rosettes and new stirrup leathers. We have not changed her paintwork, hair, saddle cloth and stirrups. We have even managed to reuse the original aged nails for her tack. Her stand has been refurbished, the pillars,top rail and foot rails are all original, the base has been replaced. It has all been painted in a satin black finish.


Her measurements are:

Length 137cm, Height 107cm, Width 43cm


F H Ayres are known as the 'Rolls Royce' of rocking horse makers and a horse of her quality would most likely have been sold in Harrods and Selfridges. Being extra carved makes her the top of the range model and Ayres horses with original paintwork are much sought after.


Grace is fit and ready to ride, although she would look equally as good as a piece of fine furniture and a true heirloom to pass along the generations. 




Please see below a small selection of our recently sold horses                 Arabella - F.H Ayres

Octavius - Rare F H Ayres 'D' Type

Cassius - Stevenson 1997


Winston  - F H Ayres

Baxter - J R Smith circa 1900

Bailey - Haddon





Marley - 1980's Haddon



Pollyanna - Haddon




Lottie - Collinson









Basil - Relko



Theodore is our resident 'dinky' horse, suitable for display only, we think he is simply adorable! He has been painstakingly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, to replicate a traditional horse on a bow rocker. He is in perfect condition and ready to display. As he is a miniature version, we may be able to post him to you, please ask for a quote.

His measurements are: Length 91cm, Height 53cm, Width 22cm £345

Prince - F H Ayres

Oliver - Peverel


If you see a horse you like but would like something changed or have a specific requirement, please let us now as we will do our best to help you. Often tack and hair colour can be easily changed (at a small extra cost) and  we will do our best to customise paintwork or find a horse that suits your requirements.


Our new showroom is now open and ready at our home on the Norfolk/Suffolk borders, you are welcome to visit by appointment, just call 01379 588472.

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